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Ionizer Water Filter - Today's Newest Water Filter. Many homes today have installed an ionizer water filter. Interest in this type of filter is growing. Recent research indicates there are many benefits to be had. An ionizer water filter uses the principles of electrolysis to filter the water. As water goes through the filter, it is divided into two different liquids. The first is referred to as alkaline water. This water is good for drinking and is close to what is found in natural springs. The second is acidic water, which has a disinfectant property to it. Alkaline water produced by a ionizer water filter is thought to hydrate and penetrate the body better. This water also has a neutral pH reading. Alkaline water helps the body maintain a proper pH balance and fights free radicals. This type of filtered waters helps the body maintain healthy cells. While a ionizer water filter produces a great deal of alkaline water (70% of its output), it still produces acidic water which should not be used for drinking, but is acceptable for household cleaning purposes. There remains questions about the use of an ionizer water filter. By itself, the filter does not produce the best drinking water. Current literature is still not definitive. The spin in the literature states that an ionizer water filter will produce water that is healthy and beneficial. It stays away from the issue of producing chemically pure water. This issue is addressed by pairing the ionizer water filter with another filter - often charcoal, that takes the water through one more filtering stage. There is no doubt that an ionizer water filter can be helpful as it produces a substance that is very much like the natural alkaline, oxidized water that originally existed on earth. Much of what we drink today is too acidic: bottled water is over 100 times more acidic than the substance that flows from the faucet, and a can of soda may be 10, 000 times more acidic.

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